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PB Platforms are mobile scissor platforms with plenty of workspace in height. Scantruck A/S distributes the German PB Platforms' wide range of scissor platforms in Denmark and Sweden

The mobile scissor platforms are available both in diesel and electric versions; the largest scissor platform in the range has a lifting height of dizzying 27.25 metre, a platform working area of almost 20 square metres and a capacity of up to 1,000 kg. The strong scissor platforms are all-terrain without supporting legs and designed for indoor and outdoor use.

  • PB Platforms has manufactured self-propelled scissor platforms since 1986

  • Today, PB Platforms is the leading producer of compact work platforms in Germany

  • PB Platforms is one of only three producers in the world manufacturing the very large platforms

  • The scissor platforms are designed, developed and manufactured at PB Platforms north of Munich in Germany

  • PB Platforms is known for well-designed, user-friendly durable products


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