McCloskey shredders capable of effectively and reliably shredding virtually any type of material. Designed to meet the unique demands of operations in which the incoming material varies greatly in terms of size and composition. The shredders have low load height, allowing easier loading with a smaller loader. The conveyor belt speed can be precisely adjusted to suit the particular waste being processed. The machines are mobile and can also be moved during operation. The cutting chamber has a 10,000 hour lifetime, and you can choose from 8 or 10 knife layout.

McCloskey VTS95
540 hk diesel
2410 mm x 2000 mm
Transport height
3.500 mm
Transport width
2.945 mm
Transport length
9.398 mm


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Scantruck has imported and distributed McCloskey's wide product range since 2006

... of mobile machines for grading, crushing and recycling. Since the mid-1980s, McCloskey has pioneered design and developments in the area, and today, the company is a significant player on the market. Even in Denmark where Scantruck has been selected Top European Dealer of The Year. McCloskey has developed and patented several innovative systems, including a stacking belt with a variable unloading height, turnable 180 degrees via remote control.


Product range

  • Founded by the Canadian Paschal McCloskey in 1985

  • Manufactured in Ontario, Canada and Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland

  • 360 employees

  • With Scantruck since 2006