Washing systems

A washing system from McCloskey Washing Systems (MWS) makes it possible for raw material manufacturers to refine their products and ensure superior materials for e. g. concrete production. The washing system is made of modules, easy to integrate in existing systems and it can be exactly pre-set to achieve the desired result. The raw materials are sent through the gigantic washing units that remove the content of for instance water-binding filler and marine clay, resulting in a uniform and high-quality material, which customers within the construction industry prefer.

McCloskey Compact Sand Plant 120
McCloskey Compact Sand Plant 200
McCloskey S130 Mobile Rinser
McCloskey S190 Mobile Rinser
McCloskey Sand Screw 3625


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Scantruck has imported and distributed McCloskey's wide product range since 2006

... of mobile machines for grading, crushing and recycling. Since the mid-1980s, McCloskey has pioneered design and developments in the area, and today, the company is a significant player on the market. Even in Denmark where Scantruck has been selected Top European Dealer of The Year. McCloskey has developed and patented several innovative systems, including a stacking belt with a variable unloading height, turnable 180 degrees via remote control.


Product range

  • Founded by the Canadian Paschal McCloskey in 1985

  • Manufactured in Ontario, Canada and Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland

  • 360 employees

  • With Scantruck since 2006